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Happy New Year. Yeah I know am late but I hope everyone is smashing those 2019 goals you set. My goal this year is to take my blog on a more professional level. Do more travelling blogs. Stay tuned for more travelling content. Am also planning to have a schedule I will keep you posted about that. 😍



Hey Fam i recently visited CHRITEX RESTAURANT. This is a Ugandan restaurant found in Kenya that offers unique, sweet and delicious Uganda food.


This restaurant located in Mombasa next to the famous canon towers (Docks). Their are security guards. Safety is so important and the customer services is awesome.


The Food is not expensive. Their food in terms of quality is amazing in exchange they have a lot of customers. You can also feel the worth of your money in terms of quality. I ordered this food and it only cost me $ 4. This was rice, meat, cabbage, sweet potatoes and some groundnuts porridge. This was such a heavy meal.

Customer Service

Their customer service was amazing. I did not have to wait for too long for the food to be served. The environment is friendly. The waiters are so kind.

I sincerely would not recommend this place for a meeting or private discussion since it is always full. It also bring back the African feeling.I love Africa.


We rise by lifting others.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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Mamba village, Mombasa Kenya

I have been away for far too long but am back at blogging with a bang🙌. I have been sick and it feels great to be back to what I love doing. I recently got to visit Mamba Village. Mamba is a Swahili name meaning crocodile. Just a bit of history Mamba Village started out with 60 crocodiles and they have 5 times the number the oldest being 110 years.


Mamba village is located in Mombasa at Nyali just next to wild waters.


Charges per children is $2 and for adults it’s only $4. It’s affordable and one of the best places for adventure .


1.Play ground

If you go with kids their are alot of activities they can get involved in this includes swinging and video games.

2.Crocodiles feeding

Crocodiles are mainly feed at 5 p.m. Their is a little show for that. I learnt that Crocodiles can stay two months without eating. One crocodile can take over 50 kgs of meat. Crocodile are kept depending on their years the young once are separated from the older ones. The oldest Crocodile has 110 years.


The place has restaurant which havw affordable meals.

My experience.

I had a lot of fun especially in having to carry the young crocodile for the first time. It was super scary at first. The tour guide was amazing . Mamba Village started out with 60 crocodile but they have a lot of crocodiles. Their are snakes too. Different kinds of plants too.

If you love adventure then I Mamba Village should be on your bucket list



Adventure fills your soul

I hope you enjoyed this travel blog as much as I enjoyed writing this blog.

21 Things i would tell my younger self


Well i was sited and i thought to myself i have around two months to  my 22nd birthday. I would like to share what i have learnt about life so far. My experience and what i would advice my younger self. I hope you enjoy leave a comment below and tell me some of the advises you could give your younger self.

1. Not everyone will like you. It may be a little bit difficult to understand that but LOVE yourself enough to accept it.

2. Self confidence is key. Believe in your self. Believe you are the best version of yourself. I keep telling myself this everyday. Its so important.

3. Appreciate the people that love you . Hug them as often as you can and always make them smile.

4. Sometimes we give too much to a point we loose ourselves in the process especially in Relationships. Always remember to spare sometime for yourself. Take care of yourself.

5. Accept your body with it flaws. Be confident in your body. Accept that skin completion.

6. You can be whoever you want to be in life you just need to have the right mentality.

7. YES THIS IS SO IMPORTANT trust your ‘body’. That moment you think about something and you feel the butterflies in your stomach and your stomach rambling. It means that something bad is about to happen so respond to it.

8. Be kind to everyone regardless of how they treat you.

9. Its okay to be angry that means that something has to change. People say anger doesn’t leave you the same way it found you.

10.Know your worth as an individual and don’t settle for less especially in a working environment. Don’t be too desperate. People may take advantage of that and even under charge you for your services. This has happened to me once.

11. Work hard, hustle and strive for your own independence.

12. Forgive other and forgive yourself. Most often we carry the burdens in our heart thinking that the other person feels the same forgetting that it only affects you and You alone.

13. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be true to your word.

14.Don’t procrastinate.  If you want something done and it is possible for it to be done right now do it.

15. Don’t miss any meal. lol I know this sounds funny but am that kind of person who can miss a whole day meal just for no reason at all. Will do a blog on my underweight situation.

16. Do what you are most passionate about Success will come after that. I am passionate about blogging and i know i always say girl it will be on Sundays and Wednesday but i end up doing it whenever i find time to.

17. You don’t have to go to the club to fit in. Its okay to chill at home. The pressure of going to the club and parting is always felt in your teen and early 20’s but its okay to be different.

18. Sometimes just saying No to something might be the best decision ever and not everyone deserves an explanation.

19. Save money. Money is a scarce resource so save that Money .

20. We are all blessed just different timings.



No one is YOU and that is your super power.

Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa, Kenya


Hey fam, I hope everyone is doing great. I spent this weekend at Bamburi Beach Hotel. It is a 4 star hotel in Kenya. The view is breath taking. I literally lack word to express how amazing the place is. Here are details about the hotel


Bamburi beach is located at Bamburi a walking distance from the famous Pirate Beach.


Their is a security check on the entrance point.


Right after the entrance is the reception that has very comfortable sits. The receptionist is very kind, polite and welcoming.

Charges per day.

Bamburi Beach Hotel charges $30 in a day. For swimming.

Charges per night.

Double means two people. Half board includes breakfast and super. Full board includes breakfast, lunch and super. All inclusive means drinks, breakfast, lunch and super.

Food charges.

For breakfast they charge $15 per person. Lunch they charge $15 per person and For super $18 per person. The food was delicious.

Room pictures.

The view on the balcony is heart melting.


1. Gym.





Bamburi Beach Hotel is a very good place for event hosting. This are the picture of the event hosting venue.

Free Tip

Charges will definitely decrease if you go in groups.

My experience.

My experience was amazing. I had a lot of fun. The Customer service is amazing. I socialized a lot. The environment was calm and peaceful. The food was so delicious. If you are looking for a place to go on vacation or honeymoon then this should be on your bucket list.


Job fills your pocket but adventure fills your soul.

Bamburi Beach information :




Cost of living in Mombasa, kenya 2018😊

Hey Fam am back again with another blog 😍. Mombasa is a very beautiful city in Kenya. The best thing I like about Mombasa is the food, beach and the summer weather.

I have been in Mombasa since class 5. On today’s blog I would like to share with you guys the cost of living in Mombasa.


I will categorize this into two because rent varies depending on the location:

A. Mombasa Town

For you to live in a decent one bedroom house in Mombasa this will cost you between $150 and $170 per Month.

A two bedroom house will cost you between $180 and $200 per Month.

A three bedroom house will cost between $200 and $300 per Month

B. Outside Mombasa Town.

Outside Mombasa Town means in Bamburi, Magongo, Ferry and Mtwapa. This places tend to be a little bit cheaper as compared to living in Mombasa Town.

A one bedroom will cost between $100 to $140. A two bedroom will cost between $150 to $180. A three bedroom will cost between $190 to $250.


Everyone needs at least three meals in a day. Food this days is so expensive. For one to have a decent breakfast in an average restaurant it will cost you $2. If it’s a home made breakfast for example coffee, bread and eggs that will cost around $1.50.

I like carrying packed food for lunch it’s more cheap and more healthy. To have home made lunch and supper that will cost around $3 if you are alone. If you have lunch and super at a hotel that will probably cost you $15.


I personally use Matatu for transport most of the time. Fare within town to outside town will cost around $0.30 to $1 .For uber it’s quite expensive.

4. Clothing

One thing I have to confess is that in Mombasa buying the latest outfit and going by the trend is super expensive. Clothes cost from$15 to $30. For the second hand clothes its quite cheap. I sometimes prefer online shopping. You can find second hand clothes at Kongoea . If you want to get them at a more cheaper price go on weekdays.

5. Electricity

As for electricity it is not that expensive it’s between $10 to $15 per month.


OK…. This is a very tricky area because having fresh water through out is a dream for us 😂😂😂. We mostly have salty water. Y’all know that salty water isn’t good it stain clothes. Funny enough you still have to pay for the salty water at least$10 a month. If you are not lucky enough to have the salty water then you will have to buy water ($4 per a 20 liter bottle) .

Definitely if you have salty water then you have to buy drinking water at $2 per refill


We all have to buy bundles almost everyday and talk to our loved ones. I personally like using Airtel. I pay $10 per month.


Gym isn’t that expensive in Mombasa it ranges between $15 and $35 per Month. It’s quite affordable. We all want to slay and be confident in our own bodies.

For an average citizen this bills will cost you around $400 to $1000 per month depending on your lifestyle.


Winners never quit and Quitters never win.

Thank you.

Blessed week. 💓

Fort Jesus Mombasa Kenya

I recently visited Fort Jesus Located in Mombasa Nkrumah Road. I had so much fun the view is great. The services is amazing and the tour guide left no detail untouched.

Just a brief History of Fort Jesus

Entry Charges

Fort Jesus is very affordable for both resident and Non resident. For non resident the charges are $12 for adults and $ 6 for children below 16 years. Charges for residential/ East Africa people are $4 for adults and $ 2 for the children below 16 years. For the Citizens charges are $ 4 for Adults and $ 2 for children below 16 years.

Picture of fort Jesus

contact information

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Facebook :Essy Shiro

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